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Word-based financial planning documents, Excel spreadsheet money calculators, and other financial plan demo files that are not in normal webpage format

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All Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets in Alphabetical Order

401k_calculator_demo.xlsx - Demo for the 401(k) calculator so you can see what it looks like with sufficient input

401k_plan_management.docx - Relevant press articles about 401(k) plans

529_Plans.docx - Press articles about 529 college savings plans

About_financial_planners_and_adviser_earnings.docx - Articles about hiring a financial planner and about earning a living as a financial adviser

About_hedge_funds.docx - Relevant article about hedge funds

AIG.docx - Articles about the worst life insurance company - Press articles about why you should avoid financial cloud computing

Annuity_Investing.docx - Articles about annuity investing

asset_allocation.xlsx - Demo for the comprehensive asset allocation software

asset_allocation_example_with_downloaded_data.xlsx - Example of how to easily get online financial statement date to download into money spreadsheets

asset_allocation_text.docx - Report explanation text for clients to understand the comprehensive asset allocation calculator reports

asset_distribution_calculator_demo.xlsx - Asset distribution software demo

benefits_of_using_financial_plans.docx - Information on the benefits of creating financial plans and about bogus numbers in financial plans

bond_calculator_demo.xlsx - Bond software demo with YTM calculator

buy_term_invest_the_difference_demo.xlsx - Buy term life insurance and invest the difference into mutual funds vs. whole life insurance calculator demo

cash_flow_demo.xlsx - Cash flow projector demo

college_calculator_demo_showing_reality.xlsx - College Planner demo showing the difference between a typical 529 plan and doing it yourself when markets are down

college_savings_calculator_demo.xlsx - College savings calculator demo

college_savings_reports.docx - Text that helps explain the college planning reports

correlation_coefficients.docx - Screen prints showing how different asset classes moved during a bad month in the markets

Cost_of_Kids_Article.docx - Press article about the costs of raising children

current_budget_&_cash_flow.xlsx - Demo for the family budget module of the IFP

current_college.xlsx - Demo for that module of the IFP

current_life_insurance_for_oldest.xlsx - Demo for the life insurance module of the IFP

current_life_insurance_for_youngest.xlsx - Demo for the capital needs analysis module of the IFP

current_net_worth.xlsx - Demo for the net worth calculator module of the IFP

custodian_download_example.xlsx - Another part of the example showing how easy it is to download financial statement data into money calculators

disability_insurance_report.docx - Sample disability report for the risk management section of financial plans

emoney.docx - Article about why eMoney software users should worry

ETFs_make_it_impossible_to_beat_the_markets_anymore.docx - Why the Model Portfolios stopped reaming the markets after the meltdown

example_financial_plan_showing_long_term_care_needs.pdf - Free example financial plan showing long term care needs

excel_pie_charts.xlsx - Workbook used to demonstrate how to format Excel pie charts

Fact_Finding_Revisited.pdf - Primer about financial planning discovery

family_budgeting_reports.docx - Family budget and cash flow report explanation

financial_documents.docx - Estate planning and relevant personal document organizer

financial_plan_implementation.docx - Sample financial plan piece showing the To-do list of implementing the sample financial plan

financial_plan_interview_notes.docx - The interview notes, concerns, and objectives page of the free example financial plan

financial_plan_introducton.docx - Financial plan introduction and disclaimer

financial_plan_report_cover.docx - Sample report cover for financial plans

financial_plan_showing_disability_insurance_needs.pdf - Sample financial plan showing disability insurance needs

financial_plan_table_of_contents.docx - Table of contents for the free sample financial plan

financial_planner.xlsx - Demo for the retirement planning module of the IFP

financial-planners.pdf - A page from the US Department of Labor about being a financial planner

financial_planning_client_screening.docx - Ancient flowchart showing the basics of how to screen financial planning clients

financial_planning_evaluation.docx - A form to give to financial planning clients after the financial plan is delivered so they can grade your services

financial_planning_fact_finding.pdf - Financial planning discovery primer

financial_planning_firm_bio.docx - Sample firm bio for marketing and prospecting

financial_planning_office_call_ins.docx - Sample script for receptionists at a financial planning or investment management firm

financial_planning_players.docx - Sample investment management firm's new prospect binder - "Who the players are" piece

financial_planning_referrals.docx - Tool for getting financial planning and investment management client referrals

financial_planning_services.docx - An example of client level of services for each level of fees

financial_planning_software.docx - User manual for the Integrated Financial Planner software.

financial_quarterback.tif - Graphic showing financial planning clients the role the financial planner has with other financial advisors

financial_seminar_demo.docx - Financial planning and retirement planning investment seminar demo

financial_statements.docx - Sample client newsletter on how to understand (very old Pershing's) investment statements

financial_tools_demo.xlsx - Time value of money calculators demo with a large collection of financial calculators

Finra_Conduct_Rule_2214.pdf - Download Finra's list of rules and regulations

free_exmple_financial_plan.pdf - Basic example financial plan made from the IFP software

free_sample_financial_plan.pdf - Comprehensive sample financial plan made from the Integrated Financial Planner

goals-only_financial_planner_demo.xlsx - Demo for the Goals-Only Financial Planner program

hidden_costs_of_home_ownership.docx - Article about the hidden costs of owning a home

in_memorial_of_zig_ziglar.docx - The late Zig was an icon of life insurance sales, marketing, and motivational training, in the 20th century

information_about_long_term_care_insurance.docx - Article about LTC insurance

intermediate_spreadsheet_example.xlsx - Another part of the demonstration about getting online custodian data to flow into money spreadsheets

investment_benchmarks_example.xlsx - Example of a benchmark investment portfolio

investment_benchmarking.xlsx - Investment benchmarking demo

investment_comparator_demo.xlsx - Investing Comparator demo

investment_planning.xlsx - Comprehensive asset allocation calculator demo for the Integrated Financial Planner

investment_portfolio_benchmarking.docx - Old sample of a benchmark portfolio report using variable annuity subaccounts

investment_portfolio_trading.docx - Ancient tutorial for financial planners on how to make investment portfolio trades

jim_cramer_crap_stock_picker.docx - Article about this crazed stock picker

Just_say_no_to_American_Funds.docx - Why you should avoid buying or marketing American Funds

life_insurance_calculator_demo.xlsx - Life insurance calculator demo

Life_insurance_company_business_model.docx - Articles about the life insurance company business model

life_insurance_needs_reports.docx - Text that explains the life insurance needs reports

life_priorities.docx - A tool to help financial planning clients sort their life goals

long_term_care_insurance_reports.docx - Financial plan report text for long term care insurance

market_timing_model_calculator.xlsx - Demo for the market timing calculator

model_portfolio_demo.docx - Investment Model Portfolios demo showing historical yields and returns for all 65 Model Portfolios

model_portfolios_newsletter.docx - Sample client letter for understanding model investment management software

money_management_presentations.docx - Financial planner training on presenting financial planning reports to clients / prospects

monte_carlo_simulators.docx - Articles about Monte Carlo simulators in financial plan software

More_about_ETFs.docx - Everything you wanted to know about why, if you're not a trader, to avoid ETFs and just use regular old open ended mutual funds

more_on_why_you_should_be_your_own_ria.docx - More About the Broker Dealer business model and then how to grow out of it

mornigstar_stars.docx - About Morningstar's Mutual Fund Star ratings

multiple_college_calculator_demo.xlsx - Five-student college planner demo

multiple_rental_property_calculator_demo.xlsx - Five-property rental real estate investing IRR calculator demo

mutual_fund_prospecti.docx - Ancient sample system for managing supplies of mutual fund prospecti

NAPFA_Financial_Plan_Checklist.docx - An old checklist for making financial plans from NAPFA

NASD_Rule2210_Investment_Analysis_Tools.pdf - Finra's old piece about financial plan software reviews and compliance

NaviPlan_and_financial_profiles_went_under_again.docx - Press release about EISI (NaviPlan and Financial Profiles) having to be bought out by ZyWave, and then again, by Advicent

net_worth_calculator_demo.xlsx - Net worth calculator demo

net_worth_projector_demo.xlsx - Net worth projector demo

net_worth_reports.docx - Net worth report explanation - Press articles so you'll never forget about the financial meltdown

personal_finance_gurus.docx - About why you shouldn't listen to so-called "personal finance gurus"

portfolio_benchmarks_demo.xlsx - Sample of how to evaluate investment portfolios using proper benchmarks

portfolio_benchmarks_newsletter.docx - Sample client performance review letter about benchmark investment portfolios

portfolio_optimization.docx - An old piece with definitions of uncommon investment portfolio optimization terms

proposed_budget_&_cash_flow.xlsx - Demo for the budgeting and cash flow module of the IFP

proposed_college.xlsx - Demo for the personal budget module of the IFP

proposed_life_insurance_for_oldest.xlsx- Demo for the life module of the IFP

proposed_life_insurance_for_youngest.xlsx - Demo for the life insurance needs module of the IFP

proposed_net_worth.xlsx - Demo for the budgeting module of the IFP

real_estate_software_demo.xlsx - Rental real estate software demo

rental_real_estate_reports.docx - Text that helps explain the rental real estate analysis reports

retirement_calculator_demo.xlsx - Current RP retirement calculator demo

retirement_calculator_manual.docx - User's manual for the RP retirement calculator

retirement_disability_planning.xlsx - Retirement planner demo showing the perils of not buying disability insurance

retirement_life_insurance_needs.xlsx - Retirement plan demo showing the need for life insurance

retirement_long_term_care.xlsx - Retirement planner demo showing the perils of not buying LTC insurance

retirement_plan.xlsx - Proposed RWR retirement plan demo with retirement planning recommendations

retirement_planner.xlsx - RP's retirement plan demo with retirement planning recommendations

retirement_planner_demo.xlsx - Dual RWR retirement software demo where you can see current and proposed plans at the same time, using the qualified bucket approach, manual overrides, and gap funding

retirement_planning.xlsx - Dual RWR retirement software demo where you can see current and proposed plans at the same time, with gap funding

retirement_planning_software.xlsx - Dual RWR retirement plan demo showing the asset allocation bucket approach to inputting data

retirement_software.docx - Text to help clients understand the RWR retirement software report

retirement_software_demo.xlsx - Current RWR retirement planning software demo

retirement_software_manual.docx - RWR retirement software user's manual

roth_IRA_conversion_example.xlsx - Retirement plan analysis using Dual RWR to show the difference in Roth converting

sample_financial_plan - Comprehensive financial plan sample with less fluff reports

sample_financial_plan_showing_life_insurance_needs.pdf - Free sample financial plan showing life insurance needs

saving_financial_plan_files.docx - Tips for financial advisors savings and organizing client files on computers

secret_gold_nuggests_for_financial_planners.docx - Secret files of interest that are only delivered to Bundled Deal customers

Shenanigans_even_at_Warren_Buffett's_BRK.docx - About how even the biggest firms and the richest people on the planet still feel the need to cheat to get even richer

simple_retirement_planner_demo.xlsx - Demo for the most simple retirement planner program

single_goals_only_financial_planner.xlsx - Demo for the Single Goals-Only Planner

thinking_about_money_stops_your_brain_from_working.docx - Article that explains why understanding money is so hard

time_keeping_tool.docx - Tool to help keep track of billable time

wall_street_week_market_timing_analysis.docx - Ancient newsletter about the very long term results of stock market timers

warning_for_annuity_salespeople.docx - A sample of what can happen when you peddle annuities

why_investors_shoud_have_an_ips.docx - Article about why Investment Policy Statements are needed

why_portfolio_income_is_needed.docx - Articles about why it's critical to construct investment portfolios to produce retirement income

Financial Planning Software Modules For Sale
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Financial Planning Software that's Fully-Integrated
(the IFP is the NaviPlan alternative for 1/6th the price)

Goals-Only "Financial Planning Software"
(the MoneyGuidePro alternative for 1% of their price)

Retirement Planning Software Menu: Something for Everyone
(the RWRs, RP, and SRP)

Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software

Model Portfolio Allocations with Historical Returns

Monthly-updated ETF and Mutual Fund Picks

DIY Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Program

Financial Planning Fact Finders for Financial Planners Gathering Data from Clients

Investment Policy Statement Software (IPS)

Life Insurance Calculator (AKA Capital Needs Analysis Software)

Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

College Savings Calculator

Financial Seminar Covering Retirement Planning and Investment Management

Sales Tools for Financial Adviser Marketing

Personal Budget Software and 75-year Cash Flow Projector

TVM Financial Tools and Financial Calculators

Our Unique Financial Services
(are listed below)

We're Fee-only Money Managers: So you can hire us to manage your money, and/or financial advisers can hire us to manage client money, using our Model Portfolios and/or Asset Allocation Systems

Mr. Market Timer's Unique Market-neutral Stock Market Timing Services
(the hedge fund alternative)

Consulting Services: Hire Us to Make Your Financial Plan, Retirement Plan, Benchmarking Report, Whatever

Buy or Sell a Financial Planning Practice

Miscellaneous Pages of Interest
(are listed below)

Primer Tutorial to Learn the Basics of Financial Planning Software

About the Department of Labor's New Fiduciary Rules

Using Asset Allocation to Manage Money

Download Brokerage Data into Spreadsheets

How to Integrate Financial Planning Software Modules to Share Data

CRM and Portfolio Management Software

About Monte Carlo Simulators

About Efficient Frontier Portfolio Optimizers

Calculating Your Investment Risk Tolerance

About Discount Brokers for DIY Money Management

About 401(k) Plan Management

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