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This is the links page 1 of 2. Go to links page 2 of 2 The American Stock Exchange. American Savings Education Council. Online portfolio management software service that specializes in independent advisors. Information for HR and Benefit Directors and other Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors and Advisers. Investment software and portal. Bloomberg (for market quotes and stock lookup). Glossary of investing terms

Download a PDF file from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics about being a financial planner. The main site: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has Inflation calculators and the usual government statistics. CFA Institute, Chartered Financial Analysts. (800) 247-8132 Association of Certified Financial Planners (CFP Board). Employee Benefit Research Institute - employee benefit information mainly for human resources people. Economics discussions, analysis, consulting, data, and forecasts. A place to roll over your retirement plans (IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.) to get access to most all mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, etc. Works great with the asset allocation models because of the low fees and self-directed control. The U.S. Federal Reserve System. Fee Advisors Network: Promotes proprietary fiduciary processes for life insurance and annuity analysis and planning to the fee-advisor and RIA financial planning practice. Expands working knowledge of the fee-only advisor no-load insurance policies to the RIA community. (888) 854-0931 Financial Planning Magazine. Society of Financial Service Professionals (800) 927-2427 Facilitates the success of professionals engaged in the financial services community. Finra investor alert about 529 plans. Company earnings specialists. Out of the many PDF makers, printers, editors, and organizers I've have to deal with over the decades, this is by far the best. Financial Planning Association. (800) 322-4237 Helps increase consumer awareness of financial planning. Non-profit consumer orientated site about arranging funerals. The URL title says it all. International Association of Registered Financial Consultants - Ed Morrow's professional organization. (800) 532-9060. Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (800) 875-1760. Provides financial advisors with the tools to help them market themselves effectively to divorcing individuals, matrimonial lawyers, and their existing clients. Investment Company Institute. Answers to frequently asked questions about investing. Lots of bond market information. Investment Advisor Association (202) 293-4222 Represents the interests of SEC-registered investment advisory firms before Congress, the SEC, DOL, state securities regulators and other policy makers on all relevant legal / regulatory/compliance issues. Investment Management Consultants Association (303) 770-3377 Increases the visibility of the CIMM designation. Financial tools for getting money back from bad brokers. A site where you can type in words relating to investing and it tells you what it means. The U.S. IRS. Download tax forms. Lipper Analytical Services.

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