Free online 401(k) calculators for retirement planning.

Free 401(k) Calculators

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Almost every free online 401k calculator on the Internet is listed below

There are dozens of websites with free online 401k calculators, but the vast majority just "rent" usage of them from the vendors below. Paying them rent allows webmasters to put the retirement calculators on their site in a manner that makes it look like their site built them (when they really just go to a site like Dinkytown to calculate / display results). So most online 401(k) calculators are the same.

401(k) calculator and advice on 401k plan management.

Please keep in mind that Tools for Money didn't make the money calculators listed below, they're just links to other free online financial calculator websites.

Most calculate the numbers as advertised, but there are so few input fields, that you can't account for most of the details that will dramatically alter Real World results.

This is page 1 of 11 of the free financial calculators:

401(k) Calculators

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Family Money Calculators

Real Estate Calculators

Debt Calculators

Investment Calculators

Retirement Calculators

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Time Value of Money and Financial Calculator Terminology

TVM = Time value of money, the basic concepts of what these financial calculators are all about. PV = Present Value (beginning investment values, or how much something is worth today). PMT = Payments (constant contributions or withdrawals each compounding period, usually added to or subtracted from the scenario monthly). I = Compound interest rate (interest rate or growth rate that is applied at each N compounding period). N = Number of compounding periods (how many times the calculations are done that compound money at the given interest rate, usually in months or years. E.g., If you have $100 and you compound, or add, 10% annual interest, then you'd have $110 as a future value over this one compounding period. If N=2, then it would compound twice, and your ending value would be $121, which is $110 plus 10%). FV = Future value (usually the result, or the amount of money accumulated over N compounding periods). P = Principal, or how much money is being lent or borrowed. ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.


Here's the List of Most Everyone's Free 401k Calculators:

Tip: The "number of inputs" tells how "good it is."

The fewer the number of input cells, the less amount of functions it performs. The fewer functions it performs, the less accurate it is, because it fails to account for important things, you can't control anything, and so the "lamer" it is. In general the lamer the free online calculator, the lamer the programming code is too, so there's many serious "errors" in their math.

So the more inputs the better.

The average number of inputs for all of the free rinky-Dinkytown 401(k) calculators below is around ten. Our 401(k) calculator has around 50 (depending on how you count them).

We did not run any numbers to test accuracy or anything, so caveat emptor and you get what you pay for, all applies here!

Listed in alphabetical order by their URL: - Links to their retirement calculators - Nine inputs estimates FV in 30 years, then it has a chart that shows contributions and value over 30 years. - Has links to some of the most popular 401 calcs in the several to dozen input range

ADP's Calculate Your Savings by Integrating 401(K)& Payroll calculator

ADP's 401(k) calculator

ADP's 403(b) calculator

Alta Street - 401(k) savings calculator - Ten-input 401(k) savings calculator - Ten-input 401k calculator - Has a five-input 401k calculator and many other financial calculators. They rent usage of them so you can put them on your website so visitors will think you're cool because you made them - Nine-input 401(k) calculator: Input parameters like employer matches, and calculate future values - Ten inputs compare 401(k) growth with current and proposed contributions - Thirteen inputs calculate how much retirement income your 401(k) will provide - Seven inputs to calculate how to maximize employer 401(k) matches - Nine inputs calculate the impact of borrowing from your 401(k) - Nine inputs calculate the impact of early 401(k) withdrawals - Nine inputs calculate what may a 457 Plan be worth - Ten inputs estimate the impact of increasing your 457 Plan contribution - Nine inputs compare a Roth 401(k) to a Traditional 401(K) - 401(k) net unrealized appreciation vs. IRA rollover using employer stock calculator (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Nine inputs and sliders calculates future 401(k) balances (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Calculate the (tax) implications of spending part of your 401(k) before retirement (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - 403(b) calculator. 10 inputs and sliders calculate future values of 403(b) plans (similar to their 401(k) calculator, requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - 403(b) calculator. 10 inputs and sliders calculate future values of 457 plans (similar to their 401(k) calculator, requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Calculate how increasing 401(k) or 403(b) contributions can affect your paycheck as well as retirement (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k) Calculator (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Individual 401(k) Contribution Comparison (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Individual 401(k) Savings Calculator (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k) and your Paycheck (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - 401(k) Savings with Profit Sharing (requires you to use Active -X and Sun Java) - 401k calculator download

Finra's 401(k) calculator - Free 401k and IRA minimum distribution calculator from Finra - Advisor's site with their own home-grown several-input retirement calculators - Has a free online 401(k) calculator that used Java - Has a free dozen-input 401k calculator program - Has a free 13-input 401(k) retirement calculator - Has a couple of free six- to seven-input 401k calculators - Has an 11-input free 401k retirement planner calculator - Has a nine-input 401(k) calculator program - Has an eight-input free 401(k) retirement planner calculator - 401k Calculator - Roth 401k Calculator

Standard & Poor's 401(k) contribution calculator

Standard & Poor's borrowing from your 401(k) calculator - Has a dozen-input Excel-based free 401k calculator to download - 401K Benefits Calculator

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