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We listed almost every free online financial calculator on the web.

There are hundreds of websites with free online financial calculators, but the vast majority just "rent" usage of them from the vendors below. Paying them rent allows webmasters to put the financial calculators on their site in a manner that makes it look like their site built them (when they really just go to a site like Dinkytown to calculate and display the results). So most financial calculators are the same. For example, just's investment calculators and MoneyToys uses Wheatworks.

Large collection of financial calculators..

Please keep in mind that Tools for Money didn't make the money calculators listed below, they're just links to other free online financial calculator websites.

Most calculate the numbers as advertised, but there are so few input fields, that you can't account for most of the details that will dramatically alter Real World results.

Time Value of Money and Financial Calculator Terminology

TVM = Time value of money - the basic concepts of what these financial calculators are all about. PV = Present Value (beginning investment values, or how much something is worth today). PMT = Payments (constant contributions or withdrawals each compounding period, usually added to or subtracted from the scenario monthly). I = Compound interest rate (interest rate or growth rate that is applied at each N compounding period). N = Number of compounding periods (how many times the calculations are done that compound money at the given interest rate, usually in months or years. E.g., If you have $100 and you compound, or add, 10% annual interest, then you'd have $110 as a future value over this one compounding period. If N=2, then it would compound twice, and your ending value would be $121, which is $110 plus 10%). FV = Future value (usually the result, or the amount of money accumulated over N compounding periods). P = Principal, or how much money is being lent or borrowed. ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

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401(k) Calculators.

Basic Financial Calculators

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Debt Calculators.

Investment Calculators.

Retirement Calculators.

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College Calculators.

Insurance Calculators.

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Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

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TVM Financial Tools and Financial Calculators

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Same as and

This won't work unless you accept their cookies, have your Java turned on, and pop-up blocker turned off. It also won't work the first time because it needs to put a cookie on your computer. So click on another calculator after the first attempt fails, then they should all work.

Same as Wheatworks

Miscellaneous Vendors
Basic Time Value of Money Calculator Functions, CPI Inflation Calculators, Miscellaneous Financial Calculators Yes, to most all - better and free! Annual Effective Interest Rate Calculator.

Compound Annual Growth Rate.

Compound Interest Calculator.

Simple Cost of Living Calculator.

CPI Calculator (Consumer Price Index Calculator).

Store Discount Calculator.

Future Value Calculator.

Inflation Calculator.

Interest Rate Converter Calculator.

Payment Calculator.

Present Value Calculator.

Reverse Inflation Calculator.

Rule of 72 Calculator.

Savings Calculator.

Simple Interest Calculator.

Calculate how much in compound interest results from an investment over four different compounding periods: Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly.

Inflation calculator: Input dollar amount, inflation rate, and time, and it gives future value.

Investment balance estimator: Input amount, contributions, and time, calculates future value, total amount invested, and amount of gain.

Sliding calculator that shows investment growth, considering time, initial deposit, contributions, growth rate, inflation, and taxes.

Profit/Loss calculator: Input five cash flow periods and get profit or loss and IRR.

Savings Goal Calculator.

$1Million calculator: Input PV, PMT, I, Inflation, and it tells when you'll have $1 million.

Compound interest calculator: Input amount, rate, and time, and it calculates future values given three compounding periods.

Future value calculator with sliders: Input PV, I, N, PMT, and compounding period, and calculate a future value.

Compare growth using three different interest rates.

Calculate future value in ten years considering taxes and inflation with sliders.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, N, PMT, I and it calculates the decline in capital given withdrawals (PMT).

Compound interest calculator: Input FV, PV, I, PMT, and inflation, and it calculates N in months (how many months to reach FV).

Compound interest calculator: Input N, PMT, I, taxes, and inflation, and it calculates PV (present economic value of a human life).

Annual Rate of Return Calculator.

Future Value Calculator.

IRR Calculator.

Lump Sum Annual Return Calculator.

Lump Sum Future Value Calculator.

Lump Sum Present Value Calculator.

Personal Economic Recovery Calculator.

Present Value Calculator.

Credit Union Certificate Calculator.

Basic Financial Calculator.

Repossession of Personal Property from a Deferred Payment Sale.

Repossession of Personal Property from an Installment Payment Sale.

Credit Union Certificate Ladder Calculator.

How long it takes to double money considering initial balance, interest rate, and tax rate (Rule of 72 calculator.

$1 Million calculator: Input PV, I, Tax, Inflation, calculates N.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, FV, I, Tax rate, and it calculates N (how long it takes to reach FV).

Compound interest calculator: Input N, I, Tax rate, and it calculates PMT needed to reach a savings goal by age.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, FV, N, Tax rate, I, I growth rate and it calculates PMT.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, PMT, Increases in PMT, N, I, Tax rate, and it calculates FV.

Compounding period calculator: Input nominal interest rate, then change compounding periods to see affect on FV.

Compound interest calculator: Input N, PV, PMT, FV, and it calculates I.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, PMT, Increases in PMT, N, I, and it calculates the value of the PMTs and I.

Inflation calculator: Input current age, retirement age, retirement income, inflation rate, and it calculates the FV of needed retirement income after the impact of inflation.

Nominal to real FV growth after taxes and inflation: Calculates after tax and inflation values of $10,000.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, I, PMT and it calculates when FV turns to zero.

Does inflation impact my standard of living?.

Historical inflation - compare purchasing power.

Compound interest calculator: Input PV, PMT, I, N, compounding periods, then select incremental changes in PMT & I, and it calculates a matrix of FVs.

Average Interest Rate Calculator.

Biweekly Payment Calculator.

Down Payment Savings Calculator.

Payment Calculator.

Very Simple Loan Calculator.

Three-input monthly payment calculator. Allows for extra payments.

Compound interest calculator: Input PMT, I, N, PV, and it calculates FV.

Savings & Investment Calculator with Schedule and Inflation Adjustments.

Rate-Yield Calculator.

How taxes and inflation affect your investment return.

Savings Interest Calculator.

Savings Goal Tracker.

IRR & NPV Calculator.

Inflation Calculator.

Simple Interest Calculator.

When should I begin saving?.

What will it take to become a millionaire?.

How much will my savings be worth?.

Saving for a future goal calculator.

How much of a difference will the interest rate make?.

How will taxes and inflation affect my savings?.

Reach your goal calculator.

Savings calculators by Finra.

Future value calculator.

Effective interest rate calculator.

Future value and inflation calculators.

Calculators for taxes and inflation.

Inflation rate calculator.

Personal inflation rate calculators.

Basic savings calculator.

Basic accumulated savings calculator.

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