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We Have a Complete Array of Retirement Planning Software for Everyone

Because our retirement planners are based in Excel, everything is "logic-driven." So you can model any retirement scenario, control most every dollar in every year, you'll have complete transparency, be able to create an unlimited number of versions, customize printing and presentations, and can use Goal Seek to run more "What-if" scenarios than any other retirement planning software. Basically, more useful functions for much less money.

All versions of our retirement planning software use a superior Monte Carlo simulation methodology compared to other retirement planners. Most other programs just fiddle with the rate of return on investments to display a bottom-line probability of success number. Ours also fiddles with inflation and taxes at the same time too.

Retirement assets can easily be set up using the "bucket" approach, where you'd input investment accounts according to what kind of financial asset class it's in, what type it is, taxation, or any other criteria.

This way you can control when, and where, retirement income comes from using different points of view - income, growth rates, qualified vs. non-qualified, asset class, etc. This makes depleting one type of asset bucket before tapping into other buckets easy to model.

When you buy any of the retirement planning software, you'll receive the Simple Retirement Planner for free.

About retirement planning for financial advisors.

About Our Retirement Planning Software Programs:

• For professional retirement planners that like having most inputs on the same page, and want to see both current and proposed retirement scenarios at the same time, there's Dual RWR.

It's basically two single RWRs combined, with most inputs moved to one Master Input sheet.

This version of our retirement software has the most extensive asset account draw-down analysis function of any retirement planning software. It's not on single RWR, because this function is more for comparing two scenarios by professional advisers.

You can run Monte Carlo simulations on Current and Proposed versions separately, for a more thorough retirement analysis, while cutting the wait time down by half.

There are seven demos for Dual RWR to show the "Bucket Approach," normal "Gap Funding," the perils of not having disability insurance / LTC insurance / life insurance, Roth conversion, and unique payout options. So Dual RWR is best for financial planners that sell disability, life, and/or long-term care insurance.

Dual RWR is the heart of the Integrated Financial Planner (IFP, which is also our best retirement planning software, but it has much more than just that, so it's not listed here).

• Single Real World Retirement (RWR), which creates "mini-financial plans" that displays most all information of value. If you want to analyze any oddball scenario that happens in the Real World; with accuracy, flexibility, functionality, and power, then the single version of RWR is for you.

Single RWR is best for consumers because they usually don't run two scenario versions at once. Dual RWR can be looked at as the "Professional Version."

Dual RWR, single RWR, and the IFP are for detail-oriented control freaks that care about accounting for everything, and having the flexibility and power to make future planning forecasts as accurate as possible.

• If you don't want the bells and whistles and spend a lot of money, then the basic RP retirement planner is for you. RP is capable of evaluating retirement strategies better than most competing planners selling for under $100.

The differences with RWR are:

With RP, income from investments is withdrawn pro-rata as needed so they'll all run out at the same time. No other types of retirement income payouts from investments can be modeled, except manual income withdrawals.

With the manual withdrawals, you can model any kind of payout you want, but it's not automatic like RWR (which has ten plus ways to make retirement withdrawals).

RP does not consider taxes at all, so everything is gross of taxes, so it doesn't have the Taxes presentation sheet that RWR has.

You can't control Social Security income in every year, like RWR can.

RP only has ten asset buckets, whereas single RWR has twenty, and Dual RWR has 40 (20 each for Current and Proposed versions).

RWR has a column next to each manual override where you can input text to remind you later why you used it.

RWR has four additional miscellaneous input areas for joint incomes and/or expenses. You can also code incomes, expenses, and investments to be jointly owned with RWR, but not RP.

Most miscellaneous income and expense input areas can be designated as jointly-owned with RWR. All 20 assets can be coded jointly too only with RWR.

With Dual RWR, you can see both Current and Proposed versions at the same time, and have most all inputs on one page, so you can more easily compare two different future retirement scenarios.

RP only has four presentation pages that show results, and only one graph; whereas RWR has several more results pages, and dozens of graphs, to show things like how much income goals are eroded every year by inflation.

RWR displays the percentage of income goal being met, both every year, and an average for all years. For example, if you need $100,000 of retirement income in a certain year, and there is only $90,000 available, it will show 90%.

The Income & Expense Detail sheet on RWR shows the annual details of the many miscellaneous incomes and expenses for every year, including all of the manual overrides (RP doesn't have this at all).

RWR shows several more columns of investment account information on the Asset & Misc. Summaries sheet than RP, and several more columns of annual bottom-lines on the Annual Summary Numbers sheet.

RWR displays the present value of additional capital needed to fund the combined income goal deficits in every year. In short, how much more retirement investment is needed for every year in today's dollars.

It also displays this cumulatively to show running totals of how much more money will be needed in a lump sum both now, and at the year the first investor retires.

• If you want it even simpler than RP, then Simple RP is the answer. It doesn't perform as many functions, because it only has 11 simple input fields, but it has a unique feature. You can easily account for debts and see how they affect retirement.

• If you want accurate and detailed answers to 401(k) plan forecasting, then the comprehensive 401k Calculator is for you. In a nutshell, every 401(k) software was evaluated, and every feature from them all was implemented in our 401k calculator.

• If you want it free, then something on the free online retirement calculators page might work for you.

About retirement planning for retired investors.

Few Americans have ever used a retirement planner to estimate how much retirement will cost, how much money will be needed, or even how much money they'll need to start saving now to fund it

Do you know? Have you been saving enough in the past? Are you saving enough money for your retirement now? Will you start soon enough in the near future to adequately fund it? Who will if you don't?

For something so important, you'll need to be absolutely sure you'll be ready when the paycheck stops, but the bills keep coming.

Using financial software specifically designed for this purpose is the only way to find out. The devil is in the details, so you'll need to use retirement planners that will account for them ALL to beat him.

As you'll can see here on our comparisons page, most all other retirement planners fail in most all of these critical areas, while at the same time, costing way too much (both initially and to update).

These Retirement Planners Will Help You:

• Start thinking about how much income you'll need in retirement. Then start acting. If not you, then who? Nobody, that's who!

• Develop sound savings strategies using your 401(k), other retirement plans, and non-qualified investing and savings accounts.

• Know how much retirement will cost, and then determine how much you'll need to save. These numbers change, so you'll need to update and refresh your retirement plan at least annually.

If you hire a financial planner for this, then they're going to want to charge you again for every change to your plan. When you buy and do it yourself, then you can do all of the What-ifs you want, whenever you want, for free.

• Better understand qualified retirement plans, non-tax-qualified plans and their taxation, Social Security, and how they all work together to pay your bills when the paychecks stop.

• Understand the Time Value of Money and the affects of cost of living inflation and long-term compound interest.

• Help you determine the best of your very limited options if you aren't saving enough to reach your goals.

• If you're already retired, these retirement tools will help estimate how long your money may last. Knowing when your "chickens will come home to roost" and when your "cows will come home" is critical for your basic survival during advanced years, when most all of your options for gathering more resources needed to survive will be very limited.

We have the retirement forecasting tools to help you input, model, calculate, evaluate, analyze, and then get to the bottom all of these critical issues. Anyone with Excel 2007 or later can do it, just by reading the directions.

For Retirement Planning Advisors:

Thousands of top professional financial advisors, insurance agents, money managers, and financial planners mostly use our Dual RWR retirement planner software as their primary sales tool.

Some planners even have two monitors set up to better show clients the differences between current and Proposed versions on-the-fly.

It provides a quick, powerful, interactive, intuitive, inexpensive, and easy-to-use solution for retirement planners to advise individuals, couples, and retirement plan participants that want to quickly and easily estimate their retirement savings and compare that to their future retirement income goals.

Dual RWR is the most pragmatic way to "do the math" of comparing future monies coming in with money going out (without buying comprehensive and integrated financial planning software that create full-blown financial plans).

With 10 to 15 minutes of simple input, you can be showing your clients meaningful and accurate estimates of their future retirement picture - both as if they never met you and planned to keep going down the same road they're on (AKA the Current Version), and then how you'll fix all of their problems and take great care of them via your brilliant recommendations, in the "Proposed Version."

Dual RWR automatically shows both versions on the same screen at the same time for maximum impact.

It has all of the relevant information your clients need and can understand - all shown visually in many charts and graphs (that you can change in any way).

Then because it's based in Excel, and is not "code-driven," you can make any new charts or graphs you want - and then be in total control of which ones print out. That's right - total control over printing with just six mouse clicks!

Now you can get detailed future income planning that's colorful, visual, meaningful, and instantaneous. Create colorful illustrations that captivate your clients, build trust and rapport, and enhance your sales efforts by hitting the nails right on their heads. It also helps you to "speak your clients' language" for better understanding.

Thousands of financial advisors are also using Dual RWR to show solid information, concrete evidence, and all of the rational justifications for selling life insurance, LTC insurance, IRA rollovers, 401k plan rollovers, reverse mortgages, disability insurance, and all of the usual other commission-based products (download these free demos on the Dual RWR page). All of this helps you gain client commitment to your investment, insurance, and financial planning recommendations.

It's also invaluable in "breaking the ice" to get people to open up and start telling you about themselves. It enlightens prospects and clients on what the deal is, and how much more they'll need to invest to meet their future retirement lifestyle goals. See the sample financial plan page for more information on how to use retirement planning samples to break the ice.

Some financial planners even let clients input their numbers on the fly in their office, to get the feeling of "owning the process" and "we're all on the same team" striving for the same goals.

This is like "truth serum," because it will help get people to tell you about all of those secret retirement accounts that they wanted to hide from you until they got to know you better.

Dual RWR is great for financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys, HR personnel and anyone else that wants to quickly and easily show clients, employees, plan participants, or potential clients their projected retirement income picture.

Help your clients get the answers they hired you for. They will love this when you can stop plopping piles of confusing paper down and start having real conversations about their future. Just plopping a 100-page report in front of them is just confusing both you and your clients. Dual RWR will help you quit confusing everyone, including yourself.

It's great for participant meetings, enrollment meetings, client update meetings, one-on-one laptop meetings, and full-blown financial seminars.

Dual RWR increases trust as the software acts as an independent third parties "expert" second opinion on bottom-line recommendations.

This time- and work-saving increase in efficiency helps close deals so you can move on seamlessly to plan implementation and gathering referrals.

Spend less time on fact finders and cumbersome software while becoming tremendously more productive in much less time.

We have yet to see a Broker Dealer not approve of Dual RWR when submitted to them properly.

About retirement planning for DIY investors.

Benefits of Our Retirement Planning Software:

All of our retirement planners will help you plan for a better retirement, by estimating how much money will be needed in the future, and how much you'll need to save now.

See whether you'll meet your future retirement income goals or not. If not, then how far off are you? Is it a minor problem or a major disaster? Without dedicated retirement software, you can't know.

Then it tells you if, when, and how, you'll run out of money before you'll reach your life expectancy. This is what you're trying to avoid. Then the user manuals tell you what your options are if your money won't last long enough.

They are all programmed in MS Excel, so that eliminates a whole array of expensive usability problems that stem from "code-driven" retirement planners. For one example, it lowers the price by on average two-thirds, because no uber-expensive "code programmers" need to be hired and maintained.

Whether you're saving for your future retirement, or already retired, our retirement software will give you a simple and understandable way of looking at your retirement savings picture. If you want more power with the corresponding complexity, then there's the IFP software here.

They all work with IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), 457, SIMPLE, SEP, annuities, defined benefit pension plans, and all other similar qualified plans. Then it works with all types of non-qualified investment and savings too.

Then most of the planners have every type of "manual override" function, so you can easily control everything, including Social Security, down to the dollar in every year.

Life isn't about a series of incomes and payments that just inflate at the same rate every year forever. Life is a series of random events. These retirement planners have the only way to account for any, and all of those things, via manual overrides. Our retirement planners let you totally control Social Security benefits - and its taxation in every year.

It's called "Real World" because with the manual overrides, you can accurately estimate EVERY scenario that comes your way in real life.

With most every other code-driven retirement planner, you can't even do simple things like have your spouse retire a year later than you, run a side biz, work part-time, have a negative rate of return on an investment account for just one-year, or just about any of the hundreds of things that actually happen in the Real World.

Using our money software, you'll be able to input your personal data in less than 15 minutes, and then instantly see your growing savings projections.

It's quick, simple, and visual. You can view the bottom line on one graph, and then there are many many more with more detailed information (AKA "drilling down into the details").

Our retirement planners allow you do perform ALL of the What-if scenarios you want. With "code-driven" financial software, the vast majority of What-if scenarios just can't be done at all, period.

See why thousands of satisfied users, both professionals and consumers, have used these retirement programs since 1998.

You have the power to Keep It SIMPLE Stupid (KISS), or the power to create intricate financial plans that accounts for every Real World detail.

No training class is needed because the directions are so comprehensive and well done. They don't require hours to create a plan. Learn how to use the planners in less than an hour, and with the quickie directions, you can input simple retirement plans in under 15 minutes.

It's easy for you to understand how to input your data and how to interpret the results (after reading the directions). Also, all input cells tell you what to input, so most people don't even read the directions, and can just figure everything out on the fly just by using basic computer "intuition."

It's easy for you and your clients to understand the results, because all numbers have titles telling what's going on, plus there's a Word docx that also explains everything in detail.

Save time and quit wasting resources being confused on complicated reports. All of our reports are clearly explained and are visually intuitive. Then there's several times more meaningful and important reports than with any other retirement planner (except our flagship IFP program, which does much more than just retirement planning).

The number of retirement plans you can create is unlimited, so you can create of unlimited number of client plans and different versions showing different scenarios (like what could happen if they're don't buy disability, life, and/or nursing home insurance).

There's no dangerous initial installation or updating process required (that overwrite Windows DLL files), because they're all just MS Excel spreadsheets. So there's zero chance of any of our retirement software adversely affecting your computer, or network, with their "buggy code."

You have the choice whether or not to get technical support via email or phone. You'll probably never need it because the user manuals are so well done. We have little-to-no support questions or issues anymore because everything has already been found and covered by other people, fixed years ago, then added to the directions.

It's always up-to-date because there's no tax or other numbers that will become obsolete over time. No changes in your computer, operating system, or even Mac vs. PC will be needed; nor vice-versa - will the retirement software need to be re-installed or updated when you update your computer, or even if you have a PC and then buy a Mac, when it's programmed in Excel. None of that matters at all anymore when you get away from code programming.

Plus, you can work on a retirement plan in the middle of the night on your Mac, then e-mail the spreadsheet to your office PC (or put it on a UBS drive), then pick up where you left off when you get to work. You have 100% portability with our retirement software.

Not only that, most code-driven software only works on one computer at a time (unless you pay much more for their "multiple-user" version, or risk working in the clouds). Then even if you do get their multiple-user version. you're still not going to be able to work on the same plan on more than one computer at a time. Programming in Excel solves ALL of these problems once and for all.

These are great visual-based retirement planning tools. Just read the details and compare, or wait until we've made the feature-by-feature comparisons.

If you want to reduce the confusion and headaches from over-complicated software to near-zero, then just buy the simplified versions (RP or SRP).

All financial software is cumbersome and "hard to use." Ours is just the least hard to use than all of the others because it's based in Excel.

There are also free 30-day trial versions for most of our retirement planners.

We also conducted research on when is the best time for you to start collecting Social Security benefits

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