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Welcome to the slow and boring market timing services!

Call Mike at (503) 309-1369 or e-mail to inquire about opening an account or buying a service

Mr. Market Timer moved to its own site: There's also nothing there, so click on the link that goes to the new modern-looking site for The Everest Program. Then read until you've downloaded and read the big PDF (not the small one with hypo trades). Then you'll have a clue.

FYI, this site can't be made to look cool, because the two side link columns are needed, and there's way too many links for that to work. Cool modern-looking sites only work when there's less than a dozen links. The old MMT site isn't worth it, because I like it the way it is, there's nothing there, and there's a new cool-looking site.

Actual Live Returns
Since Inception of 1 August 2016 to the close on the date the last trade was unwound

Return of the S&P 500: +0.22%

Return of the DJIA: +2.57%

Return of the Sacred Account (after 1% annual AUM fees billed monthly and trading expenses): +6.23%

The Initial Sacred Account is Beating the S&P 500 After All Fees and Expenses By: 28 times or 2,732%

Return of all accounts (after 1% annual AUM fees billed monthly and trading expenses): +7.07%

MMT is Beating the S&P 500 After All Fees and Expenses By: 32 times or 3,114%

Number of Calls Made / Unwound Since 1 Aug 2016: 4 / 3

Number of Trades Unwound at a Loss (calls / trades that lost money) Since 1 Aug 2016: 0 or 0%

MMT's Correctness Percentage Since 1 Aug 2016: 100%


There Are Three Services and One Product

Note that having a live Everest Program trading account, which is the one product, does not get you any of the services below for free, other than the password needed to access to the newsletter / blog, sorry.

• Pay $100 to know what the current call / unwind is, including the current mark-to-market return, which varies every few seconds when Mr. Market is open. After paying $100, Mr. Market Timer will tell you what the last call was, and why it was unwound at that price, what the current call is, why, when it will probably be unwound, and why. If there's no current call, then what the last call was, why it was unwound at that price, and what the plan is for the next call. So you'll get unique market commentary, and be able to ask questions relevant to the past and current call for up to, but not exceeding, half an hour.

• Pay $1,000 to call to talk with Mr. Market Timer about anything from 6AM to 6PM PST (yes, except for food, bathroom breaks, and customer interruptions, I'll stay on the phone with you for the whole twelve hours if you can handle it that long!). Except for information that stays "in the closet," and as long as the phone call is not being recorded, and you're not on a speakerphone, then you can get Mr. Market Timer's "opinions" on anything you want. This includes how The Everest Program works, how Mr. Market Timer does his thing, what's up with the economy, the markets, the idiot government(s), life in general, anything you're afraid to ask about "The State of Humanity," etc. and so forth. It doesn't even need to be money related - as long as you pay the whole $1,000 upfront, then you can grill the current expert on The State of Humanity on anything you want to (just be prepared to not like and expect the answers you'll get - no refunds for any reason period!

Note that you'll also get everything on Tools For Money for free for the duration of the subscription when you buy any of the extended subscriptions below:

• Pay $10,000 a year for the annual subscription to know what all calls and unwinds are. Your subscription gets you the password to access the newsletter / blog, which gives commentary of why I did what I did, economic forecasts, comments, opinions, forecasts, my infamous rants, etc. and so forth. If you're interested in keeping current with "The State of Humanity," then this is the best thing you can buy to perform that function. Note this does not get you the $1,000 a day service above, where you can ask anything about anything - it's only about information relevant to The Everest Program.

• Paying $40,000 one-time gets you the above $10,000 deal for five years.

• Paying $75,000 one-time gets you the above $10,000 deal for ten years.

• Paying $100,000 one-time gets you the above $10,000 deal for fifteen years.

• Paying $500,000 one-time gets you the above $10,000 deal as a Lifetime Subscription.

• The one product is to open a live trading account. This entitles you to the above newsletter / blog subscription for free as long as your account is open (more freebies for clients below).

• Any combination of the above (other than paying $100 per call, or $1,000 for the day, after paying $10,000 for the subscription, which would be redundant).

Related Services, Temporary Offers, and Other Information

If you've bought something from this site before Aug '16 (or something for over $500 before Nov '16), then you're a "Toolsformoney customer." Y'all get to open Everest trading accounts with only $10,000 minimum, @ 1% fee, for the first year.

Non-T4$ customers, and T4$ customers after 1 Aug '17, the minimum is $25,000 @ 2% annual fee.

After we've gathered $10M in AUM, The Everest Program will only be available to accredited investors, and the minimum account size will be $500,000 @ 2% + 20% of the profits, just like a hedge fund.

All Everest Program trading account clients, and annual subscribers, get put onto the list of Model Portfolio subscribers for free, which is a $415 a year value. You'll also get both Goals-Only Financial Planners for free (but it's not automatic, so you'll need to ask).

You can also get your sane, rational, boring Hybrid Model Investment Portfolios custodied with our CA RIA. Fees vary from 1% annual fee for accounts under $300k, a flat $250 a month fee for accounts from $300k to $1M, and then accounts over $1M have a 0.3% annual fee. This is not an Everest Program account; normal accounts are under the main RIA, which is Magnum Financial (there's a link to it on the new site).

Fee-only and fee-based financial advisers - yes, we can act as a TPA (Third Party Money Manager), and manage your clients' money for you, for even less fees than stated above.

This way we'll manage everything for you, make the monthly mutual fund and ETF switches, rebalance quarterly, set everything up so maximum retirement income goes into your sweep account for you to spend, give you online access to your account, the usual statements, be able to talk with us, we'll perform your mundane customer service work just like any other money manager, maybe even see us in person if you are in CA and your account is big enough, and all of the usual DoL Fiduciary Rules compliant financial adviser stuff that everyone else does, so you don't have to do anything.

All of the above freebies and offers expire on 1 Aug '17. If you got in before that, then the only thing that will happen is that your fees will go up. So no, you won't have to become accredited, nor will you have to add more money to reach the new minimums. That's why you should take advantage of this temporary deal before it expires, or we reach our first goal of $10M AUM (whichever comes first).

Hedge fund (and Beacon) investors, ask yourself this mundane question: "What have you done for me lately?" If you don't like the answer, which is more than likely just more of the same with no change in sight, then call Steve at the number on the new site to open an Everest account and realize actual market neutralness, without their shenanigans (or with Beacon - which is a failed strategy - by them selling everything low and buying everything high), for less fees.

Hedge funds: What are you waiting for? Become more boring and market neutral by investing 1% of your assets into The Everest Program today! Judging by y'alls returns over the last few years, what do you have to lose? The answer is little-to-nothing. C'mon it's only 1% of your AUM - just fire the most losing 1% of what you're doing to change, grow, and prosper!

For those that have kept up with Mr. Market Timer's hypothetical trading over the years - as I've been saying all along, it's the exact same thing - over and over and over again. The way it works makes it impossible for it be any different. So as you see now in real time, trading real money is the exact same thing as the hypo trading. Kapla!

FYI: MMT is short for Mr. Market Timer, which is Mike's nickname. This whole deal is now called "The Everest Program"

Call Mike at (503) 309-1369 or e-mail to inquire about opening an account or buying a service

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Financial Planning Software Modules For Sale
(are listed below)

Financial Planning Software that's Fully-Integrated
(the IFP is the NaviPlan alternative for 1/6th the price)

Goals-Only "Financial Planning Software"
(the MoneyGuidePro alternative for 1% of their price)

Retirement Planning Software Menu: Something for Everyone
(the RWRs, RP, and SRP)

Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software

Model Portfolio Allocations with Historical Returns

Monthly-updated ETF and Mutual Fund Picks

DIY Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Program

Financial Planning Fact Finders for Financial Planners Gathering Data from Clients

Investment Policy Statement Software (IPS)

Life Insurance Calculator (AKA Capital Needs Analysis Software)

Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

College Savings Calculator

Financial Seminar Covering Retirement Planning and Investment Management

Sales Tools for Financial Adviser Marketing

Personal Budget Software and 75-year Cash Flow Projector

TVM Financial Tools and Financial Calculators

Our Unique Financial Services
(are listed below)

We're Fee-only Money Managers: So you can hire us to manage your money, and/or financial advisers can hire us to manage client money, using our Model Portfolios and/or Asset Allocation Systems

Consulting Services: Hire Us to Make Your Financial Plan, Retirement Plan, Benchmarking Report, Whatever

Buy or Sell a Financial Planning Practice

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Primer Tutorial to Learn the Basics of Financial Planning Software

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How to Integrate Financial Planning Software Modules to Share Data

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