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For a one-time payment of $6,000, you will have a Fully-Supported Lifetime Subscription to everything on Tools For Money
(or just to individual modules, as you can read below)

Subscription to everything for five years: $3,000

Subscription to everything for ten years: $4,000

Subscription to everything for fifteen years: $5,000

Subscription to everything on both Tools For Money, and Mr. Market Timer, for life: $500,000

You can also make 12 monthly payments for all of the above full extended subscriptions.

You can get the above extended subscriptions to individual products too. Prices depend on what color you are in our database.

This means you'll get anything you want sent to you anytime you want it.

You can also get programs that never expire at all.

You'll be getting the Multiple-computer-user versions of everything.

You'll be put on a list, and whenever there's a new version of something, you'll get it for free.

You'll also get any new financial planning software developed, and be able to try out beta versions so you can help make new money tools do what you want by suggesting changes and new features.

You'd be getting all future innovations for free. For example, if we'd charged $200 for the new program, the price of the Bundled Deal and the Lifetime Subscription prices would go up ~$100.

So no matter how you look at it, you got it for free. Sorry, what these will be are not known yet, because we need another round of "seeing what everyone else is up to."

You can get Lifetime or Extended Subscriptions to individual modules too. Prices are at the bottom of the pricing tables at the bottom of the product pages, and on the personal finance software price list.

About subscribing to financial plan software.

Answers to FAQs about the LTS Deals:

Yes, this includes the monthly-updated Model Portfolio / Mutual Fund Pick subscriptions sent via e-mail. You can also just get a Lifetime Subscription to just the Investor Models or the Mutual Funds Selections, or both.

Yes, full support means full e-mail and phone support.

Yes, if you bought something in the past, you'd get credit for that. The policy is that if the product you want to get an LTS for was purchased in the last year, then 100% of that will be deducted from the LTS price.

No, you won't get anything we'd normally bill hourly for, like making benchmark portfolios, or anything with Mr. Market Timer, as these are different services. The LTS deal is only for products and the Investor Model subscriptions.

If you've been a Bundled Deal customer for years, no you do not automatically have a Lifetime Subscription, even though you paid just as much over time. But you'll get a discounted price to account for that.

Lifetime means until you croak (or retire and don't want anything anymore), we croak or just bag the whole deal or product because of "industry-specific" or Internet-related problems.

So this probably means until you croak, because family will take this over when Mike croaks (and Mike has been a die-hard Life Extensionist since 1984, and plans to be 150 or the oldest human on record, so he'll probably be around for at least another 50 years). If not, then family will take everything over to sell and support things.

In 2015, about a quarter of all LTS subscribers have already died on us.

If Mike croaks, then there probably won't be any new products, and fixing bugs in existing products will be very slow (there's little to nothing to fix anyway).

The mutual fund picks and model updating will end because Mike is the only that can do that. He tried training a smart CFP once and it's clear that there are so many mundane details to account for that he's the only one that can do it. It would take a year full-time to train a CFA (that's just going to steal everything, then quit, and start a new business with that) so that's not going to happen.

So you're making the bet that you'll be alive and in the biz for more than five years. This is because that's how much it would cost to buy the fully-supported Bundled Deal and keep everything updated for that long. So after the fifth year, all personal finance software delivered is essentially free to you.

Please keep in mind that all financial plan software vendors make their software expire annually, so they can suck more money out of you, to stay in business during the bad times.

What usually happens, is that after you invest time, work, and money into something you don't like, one of two things will happen when you get the bill that's a lot more than last year (e.g., Morningstar raising their bill about 15% every year):

1) You'll cancel it. Then you'll have to invest a lot of time researching new systems. Then after you buy it, you'll have to start over learning everything from scratch from a vendor that's pretty much the same as the last one, but with a different system.

You knew this was going to happen, so this is why you didn't invest a lot of time learning the details of how the old system worked.

This critical lack of investment in your practice leads to making weak financial plans, which leads to clients thinking you're "lame," and you won't thrive like that.

2) You'll renew and keep using it, even though you don't like it, because of all the money spent and time you invested in learning it, and you don't want to go through the whole shopping thing again.

But eventually a year will come when you're sick of the bigger bills, and then you'll cancel (by not paying their 100% annual renewal costs).

If this sounds familiar, then you've been doing this as long as we have.

The Lifetime Subscription finally gives you a way out of this cycle.

With the Lifetime Subscription, you'd automatically get everything for free when there's a new version. There will be no more bills, ever.

When you know you'll have something forever, then you can feel better about investing a lot of resources into becoming an expert at it. This removes the fear of making a bad investment - year after year.

Once you know you'll be using this for a long time, you'll be happy to have user's manuals put you to sleep. You'll also be happy learning the details of every cool feature, which will do wonders for your practice (like Excel's Goal Seek, which allows you to do just about every "What-if" scenario).

Plus, over your career, only having to learn just one system will save you around 500 to 1,000 hours of work. If your time is worth $100 an hour to you, that's $50,000 to $100,000 saved.

You'll also feel more like "an owner," so you'll have more input on new products and versions (so they will do what you want).

This is how to do a much better job servicing your clients. If you've made it out of the prospecting phase, then you know this is what it's all about.

So no matter how you look at this, we think it's an awesome bargain. Over a few years, just the money made / money not lost / money earned from just the mutual fund recommendations May add up to being more than this total cost. Then factor in the time saved by breaking the cycle.

Please note a couple of ownership things:

• As with everything on this site, there are no refunds for any reason, period. So we're stuck married together for life, with no chance of parole.

• The owner of the subscription can only be one human (not a firm nor a partnership, etc.).

So when that one person that's in the database as being the one and only owner dies, can't be contacted, or goes away for whatever reason, then the subscription ends.

So if you sell your firm, die, retire, leave the firm, whatever, the firm (or family) will not continue to have the subscription. So make sure the one and only person's name in the database is the correct one, because it cannot be changed once the deal is done.

If you sell your firm, retire, or let your family run it, then we'll still send YOU the updated programs. Then you can just give it to them (we'll never know nor find out, unless they want support, so you can do that).

But once you croak, that's it, nobody else gets anything again without feeding us more money.

That's all that can be said about that. Feel free to ask questions, as there's always something missing.

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Subscription to everything for five years: $3,000

Subscription to everything for ten years: $4,000

Subscription to everything for fifteen years: $5,000

Subscription to everything on both Tools For Money, and Mr. Market Timer, for life: $500,000


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Lifetime Subscriptions to individual modules are basically the initial price, plus five years of update prices:

For example, if the fully-supported module is $100, then it's $50 to update annually.

So five times the update price is $250.

So the LTS for that module would be $350.

Financial Planning Software Modules For Sale
(are listed below)

Financial Planning Software that's Fully-Integrated
(the IFP is the NaviPlan alternative for 1/6th the price)

Goals-Only "Financial Planning Software"
(the MoneyGuidePro alternative for 1% of their price)

Retirement Planning Software Menu: Something for Everyone
(the RWRs, RP, and SRP)

Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software

Model Portfolio Allocations with Historical Returns

Monthly-updated ETF and Mutual Fund Picks

DIY Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Program

Financial Planning Fact Finders for Financial Planners Gathering Data from Clients

Investment Policy Statement Software (IPS)

Life Insurance Calculator (AKA Capital Needs Analysis Software)

Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

College Savings Calculator

Financial Seminar Covering Retirement Planning and Investment Management

Sales Tools for Financial Adviser Marketing

Personal Budget Software and 75-year Cash Flow Projector

TVM Financial Tools and Financial Calculators

Our Unique Financial Services
(are listed below)

We're Fee-only Money Managers: So you can hire us to manage your money, and/or financial advisers can hire us to manage client money, using our Model Portfolios and/or Asset Allocation Systems

Mr. Market Timer's Unique Market-neutral Stock Market Timing Services
(the hedge fund alternative)

Consulting Services: Hire Us to Make Your Financial Plan, Retirement Plan, Benchmarking Report, Whatever

Buy or Sell a Financial Planning Practice

Miscellaneous Pages of Interest
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Primer Tutorial to Learn the Basics of Financial Planning Software

About the Department of Labor's New Fiduciary Rules

Using Asset Allocation to Manage Money

Download Brokerage Data into Spreadsheets

How to Integrate Financial Planning Software Modules to Share Data

CRM and Portfolio Management Software

About Monte Carlo Simulators

About Efficient Frontier Portfolio Optimizers

Calculating Your Investment Risk Tolerance

About Discount Brokers for DIY Money Management

About 401(k) Plan Management

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