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In 2009, world renown personal finance guru, Terry Savage, gave us input on making a customized simple personal finance software for her book The Savage Number, so we made it.

She's written several best-selling books, is on TV, gives seminars and speeches, and writes personal finance articles for several major finance publications.

She was one of the influences that got Mike started in the biz back in the mid-80's (he used to record Nightly Business Report and watch it for breakfast daily, and Terry still has a spot at the end once every few months).

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About personal finance software gurus.

Opinion about so called "personal finance gurus," after following them for a few decades

In order to be a "guru" about something, one must have already mastered all of the basic concepts, mundane mechanics, technical details, and last but not least, actual math of the subject matter.

I've talked with a few, and have followed many since the 80's. Here's the conclusion about all of this: They look and speak and write great, and have the basic concepts down,

But they are clueless when it comes to the technical details and/or actual math when it comes to Most things financial.

They got to be on TV, radio, and a lot of people read their books because of what I call the "Paris Hilton effect." Or currently, the "Kim Kardashian effect."

The media has little to choose from when it comes to needing to put a face out to the public in these areas, and they're too clueless to know if a guru actually knows anything about anything. All they know is that they sold some books and they travel around talking about selling their books.

So they just go with whom everyone else says is "cool" at the time.

So most personal finance gurus get to bask in the public view, and get to be famous, just because the media makes them famous.

So they're famous just for being famous, even though they're not even close to being an expert in their field, just because a small group of people that control the media agreed that this is the person that is the one to become famous.

So they're famous just for being famous, even though they're clueless about most everything, including the field they're supposed to be a guru in.

Bottom line: The vast majority of the Jonathan Ponds, Terry Savages, Suze Ormans, and most all others; look good write well and speak well in public, but basically that's the extent of their talents.

When tested in even rudimentary ways, they "don't know squat about squat" - therefore they should all be ignored and their advice should not be taken. Two of them even told me in person, "Don't ask me, I'm NOT a numbers person!"

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