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The Dual version of RWR is essentially the same as the single version, so most of the program information is here

There's nothing on this page but prices at the very bottom; about the free trials, demo downloads, and this text that explains the differences with Single RWR:

Dual RWR is basically just two single RWRs crammed into the same workbook. Everything was copied so you can see two retirement scenarios at the same time (Current vs. Proposed usually in the financial advisor world). So Dual RWR is the "professional strength" version of retirement planning software for advisors.

About out retirement savings calculator.

Dual RWR has the most extensive asset account draw-down analysis functions of any stand-alone retirement planning software. Only the IFP has more when it comes to draw down calculators. It's not on single RWR, because these income distribution analysis tools are more for comparing two scenarios by professional retirement planning advisers. It puts every asset account under the microscope and analyses the annual draw-downs using most all commonly-used statistics. There's too much to list here, so download the demo and look at those three sheet tabs. Note this is not shown on any sample financial plan because people say they're "too big" already.

Also note that draw-downs means different things in banking, trading, and personal money management. In banking, it's about paying loans back. In trading it's about losing money. In personal finance, it's about how much of an assets' capital is lost when you withdraw income and/or principal distributions over time. So none of the calculus used in banking or trading applies here.

Then note if you're concerned about asset Draw-downs, then the Conservative High Income Model (CHIM) is the solution. This is because if you have enough money in it, then there are no draw-downs at all (that's the point of it).

• There are forty assets (ten each for both client and spouse, and then these are duplicated for the Proposed scenarios). This makes it easy to allocate retirement assets according to the "bucket approach," where you'd input only bonds into one asset, only cash into another, tapping qualified assets before non-qualified investments, etc.

• It has macros that (an Excel macro is a little internal program that takes a few clicks to run that performs tedious chores for you semi-automatically):

— Copies all Current retirement plan inputs into the Proposed retirement plan. So after you've input the Current version, then it's only a few clicks to copy all of that input data into the Proposed section of the retirement savings calculator. Then you'd make changes to the Proposed version to make the retirement plan win instead of fail.

— Updates an older version of the retirement savings calculator into the new version, by copying all inputs from old to new. So if you have ten client retirement plans, then it only takes a few minutes to update all of them to the newly updated version of the retirement savings calculator.

— Deletes all data input into select sheets of the Current or Proposed versions of a retirement plan.

— Performs the Monte Carlo simulation on Current or Proposed stand-alone retirement plan.

— Runs the Monte Carlo simulator on Current or Proposed retirement plan, when you're also using the Personal Budget and Cash Flow Projector to calculate detailed income goals.

• The only other difference compared to single RWR is that Dual RWR has a Master Input sheet to minimize switching back and forth between the input sheet tabs. All inputting is done on that one sheet, except for the manual overrides.

Dual RWR calculates the need for disability, life, and long-term care insurance very well because you can just make the Current version show what will happen if income stops and expenses escalate, and then you'd show the premiums and benefits paid in the Proposed version.

Some professional retirement planners have two monitors set up for Dual RWR to run retirement plans in front of clients, so everyone can see Current vs. Proposed scenarios on-the-fly during the retirement strategy process.

These retirement savings demos don't have any informational text boxes that point out the features. For that, please go to the single RWR page and download the current demo.

The free thirty-day trial period is available for this retirement savings calculator

Demo Downloads

Note that the only demo new enough to have the draw-down tools on it is the gap funding demo.

To download a demo, right click on the link below, and then choose "Save (Target) As..." to save to your hard drive. Then find it and open with Excel.
Answers to frequently asked demo questions and how to use demos.

Download the Dual RWR Gap Funding demo

This retirement planning demo shows "gap funding," or just saving more money in monthly contributions to reach the retirement goal. This is an example of a simple retirement strategy, but with most all of bells and whistles used.

Download the free (non-functional) Dual RWR Life Insurance Needs demo

Download the resulting simple free sample financial plan showing life insurance needs in PDF

This retirement planners demo shows the need for life insurance. Inputted assumptions: John croaks at age 50, final expenses are input as a manual withdraw amount from investments, and premiums are paid by lowering investment contributions.

Download the Dual RWR Bucket Approach demo

This retirement plan demo shows the "bucket approach," or setting assets up as asset classes, and just increasing the rate of return in the Proposed version to reach the retirement goal.

Download the Dual Real World Retirement plan demo

This retirement planner demo shows seven of the most commonly-used payout options, usage of the manual overrides, gap funding, and the bucket approach of tapping qualified assets before non-qualified assets (basically the usual recommendations of a brilliant financial planner when the client's investments are currently discombobulated and set up inefficiently).

Download the Dual RWR DI demo

Download the resulting basic free sample financial plan showing disability insurance needs in PDF

This retirement savings demo shows the difference between risky living without disability insurance. The Current version shows being disabled and the Proposed version shows being insured. So the Current version shows losing it all, and Proposed shows being just fine, considering, and paying DI premiums. This is an example of a very simple retirement plan.

Download the Dual RWR Long-term Care demo

Download the resulting scaled-down free example financial plan PDF showing LTC insurance needs

This retirement savings plan demo shows the difference between risky living without long-term care insurance. The Current version shows being disabled at age 60 and needing long-term care. The Proposed version shows being insured. So the Current version shows losing it all, and Proposed shows being just fine, considering, and paying nursing home insurance premiums. This is another example of a very basic retirement planning strategy.

Download the Dual RWR Roth IRA Conversion Analysis demo

This retirement saving plan demo shows the long-term difference in retirement nest egg values between letting a Traditional IRA sit as-is (and having 100% of the income be taxed at ordinary income tax rates), and converting it to a Roth IRA (which is just subtracting the initial lump sum taxes, and then the withdrawals are tax-free). As you can see, unless there's a huge difference in the two tax rates, it does not pay to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The only time that makes sense is if there's a huge difference in tax rates. For example, if your AGI was over $450,000 in 2013, then it would have paid to convert in 2013, because your taxes went up significantly in 2014

Download the retirement software user's manual

Download a Word docx that goes with the retirement plan to help understand retirement planning

Quickie directions: How to make a retirement plan in 15 minutes

It's best to have a demo open while you read the user's manual, and/or the quickie retirement plan page.

Analysis of when to start collecting Social Security benefits

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