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These ETF and Mutual Fund Picks are Part of a Do-it-Yourself Money Management System for Individual Investors, and a Complete Turnkey Investment Portfolio Building System for Financial Advisors

The only content on this page are prices, and the table of mutual fund, ETF, and benchmark index returns below

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See the chart below for the Mutual Fund and ETF Picks' Table of Historical Returns

ETFs have grown up to the point where they're consistently beating mutual funds more and more every month, as you can see below. Data was finally compiled in April '16 to perform an objective analysis on the progress ETFs have been making.

The results are here on a spreadsheet

So Hybrid Models using both mutual funds and ETFs are now being maintained to replace the Fee-Based Models. Their linked actual returns will start in March '17.

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Asset Classes and Mutual Funds
Actual recommended mutual fund returns are the current mutual funds and ETF picks, which may not have been used in past time frames
Month of Jan '17 YTD (31 Dec '16 to 31 Jan'17) Last 12 Months Last 3 Years Annualized Average Last 5 Years Annualized Average Last 10 Years Annualized Average Last 15 Years Annualized Average
Short-Term U.S. Bond Index (Barclays US Aggregate 1-3 Yr. TR USD) 0.19% 0.19% 0.97% 0.92% 0.92% 2.52% 2.76%
Short-Term U.S. Bond Mutual Fund Pick 0.68% 0.68% 6.10% 2.90% 4.30% 5.79% 5.30%
Short-Term U.S. Bond ETF Recommendation 0.20% 0.20% 2.36% 1.29% 1.56% N/A N/A
Intermediate-Term / Long-term U.S. Bond Index (S&P US & Barclays Aggregate Bond TR USD) 0.23% 0.023% -0.85% 1.91% 1.17% 4.01% 4.16%
Intermediate-Term / Long-term U.S. Bond Mutual Fund Selection 0.57% 0.57% 4.94% 3.63% 4.01% 5.30% 5.57%
Intermediate-Term / Long-term U.S. Bond ETF Pick 0.15% 0.15% 11.39% 5.87% 4.92% N/A N/A
Multisector Bond Index (S&P US & Barclays & S&P US Aggregate Bond Index TR USD) 0.23% 0.023% -0.85% 1.91% 1.17% 4.01% 4.16%
Multisector Bond Mutual Fund Recommendation 1.75% 1.75% 16.48% 7.27% 6.36% N/A N/A
Multisector Bond ETF Pick 0.49% 0.49% 3.62% 2.91% 2.16% N/A N/A
Short-Term Muni Bond Index (Barclays Municipal 1-3 Yr. TR USD) 0.48% 0.48% 0.31% 0.69% 0.82% 2.16% 2.21%
Short-Term Muni Bond Mutual Fund Selection 0.49% 0.49% -1.08% 1.11% 1.22% 3.03% 3.03%
Short-Term Muni Bond ETF Pick 0.20% 0.20% -0.21% 0.42% 0.54% N/A N/A
Intermediate-Term / Long-term Muni Bond Index (Barclays Municipal TR USD) 0.69% 0.69% 2.60% 5.90% 4.63% 6.28% N/A
Intermediate-Term / Long-term Muni Bond Mutual Fund Recommendation 0.22% 0.22% 0.25% 6.70% 5.40% 3.10% 4.81%
Intermediate-Term / Long-term Muni Bond ETF Recommendation 0.54% 0.54% -0.30% 2.71% 2.06% N/A N/A
High-Yield (junk) Bond Index (Barclays US Corporate High-Yield TR USD) 1.45% 1.45% 20.77% 4.92% 7.03% 7.49% 8.41%
High-Yield (junk) Bond Mutual Fund Selection 1.70% 1.70% 20.46% 5.93% 8.14% 7.68% 7.98%
High-Yield (junk) Bond ETF Pick 1.91% 1.915 30.35% 9.11% N/A N/A N/A
International (global world) Bond Index (Citi WGBI NonUSD USD) 1.43% 1.43% 2.24% -2.15% -2.03% 2.86% 5.10%
International (somewhat global) Bond Mutual Fund Pick 0.84% 0.84% 7.07% 3.84% 3.99% N/A N/A
International Bond ETF Pick 1.12% 1.12% 16.43% 4.78% N/A N/A N/A
Emerging Markets Bond (JPM EMBI Global TR USD) 1.44% 1.44% 12.00% 6.45% 5.38% 6.94% 9.11%
Emerging Markets Bond Fund Selection 4.08% 4.08% 29.11% 4.96% 6.03% N/A N/A
Emerging Markets Bond ETF Pick 1.91% 1.91% 19.05% 6.24% N/A N/A N/A
Month of Dec '16 YTD (31 Dec '16 to 31 Jan'17) Last 12 Months Last 3 Years Annualized Average Last 5 Years Annualized Average Last 10 Years Annualized Average Last 15 Years Annualized Average
Large-cap Value Index (Russell 1000 Value TR USD) 0.71% 0.71% 24.62% 10.16% 14.11% 5.66% 7.52%
Large-cap Value Mutual Fund Recommendation 0.59% 0.59% 16.07% 12.77% 12.87% 7.22% 9.16%
Large-cap Value ETF Pick 1.66% 1.66% 33.92% 15.25% N/A N/A N/A
Large-cap Growth Index (Russell 1000 Growth TR USD) 3.37% 3.37% 17.23% 10.82% 13.93% 8.42% 6.78%
Large-cap Growth Mutual Fund Recommendation 3.45% 3.45% 17.29% 11.96% 16.38% 8.28% 6.90%
Large-cap Growth ETF Pick 3.31% 3.31% 19.13% 13.13% N/A N/A N/A
All / Mid-cap Index (Russell Mid Cap TR USD) 2.41% 2.41% 24.72% 9.50% 13.92% 7.76% 9.73%
All / Mid-cap Mutual Fund Selection 1.36% 1.36% 29.64% 10.99% 16.05% 7.26% 9.57%
All / Mid-cap ETF Pick 0.41% 0.41% 34.19% 17.91% 17.22% 4.81% N/A
Small-cap Index (Russell 2000 TR USD) 0.39% 0.39% 33.53% 7.89% 13.00% 6.93% 8.59%
Small-cap Mutual Fund Recommendation 3.26% 3.26% 36.32% 13.23% 14.97% 9.27% N/A
Small-cap ETF Pick -3.03% -3.03% 44.23% 6.93% 13.31% 6.25% N/A
Micro-cap Index (Wilshire US Micro TR USD) -1.02% -1.02% 29.09% 4.29% 13.52% 5.46% 9.49%
Micro-cap Mutual Fund Recommendation 0.42% 0.42% 41.42% 11.19% 15.89% 7.02% 9.25%
Micro-cap ETF Pick -3.06% -3.06% 40.64% 12.96% 16.14% 6.91% N/A
Technology (DJ US Technology TR USD) 4.80% 4.80% 26.74% 15.03% 14.46% 9.86% 7.025
Technology Mutual Fund Selection 2.36% 2.36% 49.98% 23.70% 18.62% 10.14% 5.89%
Technology ETF Pick 2.53% 2.53% 43.86% 18.48% 18.98% N/A N/A
Biotech/Health Care Index (DJ US Biotechnology TR USD) 3.64% 3.64% 6.81% 5.48% 22.03% 14.16% 11.80%
Biotech/Health Care Mutual Fund Pick 7.03% 7.03% 24.81% 15.27% 18.87% 12.43% 12.27%
Biotech / Health Care ETF Selection 4.24% 4.24% 32.42% 13.59% 17.04% N/A N/A
Internet Index (First Trust Dow Jones Internet: FDN - NOT AN INDEX, but that's all there is) 6.90% 6.90% 29.17% 12.45% 20.41% 13.72% N/A
Internet Mutual Fund Selection 5.46% 5.46% 32.18% 10.41% 13.80% 7.17% 12.94%
Internet ETF Pick 6.90% 6.90% 29.17% 12.45% 20.41% 13.72% N/A
International All-cap Index (MSCI EAFE NR USD) 2.90% 2.90% 12.03% 0.71% 6.04% 0.97% 5.87%
International All-cap Mutual Fund Recommendation 2.31% 2.31% 13.84% 7.58% 11.82% N/A N/A
International All-cap ETF Pick 1.96% 1.96% 31.16% -1.05% 0.36% N/A N/A
International Small-cap Index (MSCI EAFE Small Cap NR USD) 3.53% 3.53% 14.82% 3.82% 9.57% 3.09% 9.95%
International Small-cap Mutual Fund Recommendation 3.91% 3.91% 19.655 5.19% 11.26% 5.29% N/A
International Small-cap ETF Pick 4.31% 4.31% 19.47% 4.06% 7.48% N/A N/A
Emerging Markets Index (MSCI EM NR USD) 5.47% 5.47% 25.41% 1.44% 0.19% 2.49% 9.65%
Emerging Markets Mutual Fund Selection 7.33% 7.33% 37.08% 2.20% 3.62% 4.31% 12.00%
Emerging Markets ETF Pick 7.16% 7.16% 49.91% 4.22% -0.40% N/A N/A
Real Estate Index (FTSE EPRA / NAREIT US TR USD) 0.17% 0.17% 12.78% 11.51% 10.64% 4.24% 10.79%
Real Estate Mutual Fund Recommendation 0.27% 0.27% 12.14% 14.305 12.20% 5.23% 10.34%
Real Estate ETF Pick 0.03% 0.03% 40.17% 13.46% 14.27% N/A N/A
Water Index 3.12% 3.12% 41.73% 8.85% 13.67% N/A N/A
Water Mutual Fund Selection 2.43% 2.43% 24.04% 0.645 8.55% N/A N/A
Water ETF Pick (same as the index for now) 3.12% 3.12% 41.73% 8.85% 13.67% N/A N/A
Tangibles Index (S&P North American Natural Resources TR USD) -0.74% -0.74% 33.25% -4.69% -2.12% 0.71% 5.81%
Tangibles Mutual Fund Selection 4.88% 4.88% 42.70% 1.28% 3.18% 3.23% N/A
Tangibles ETF Pick -0.57% -0.57% 73.53% 5.31% 11.47% N/A N/A
Month of Dec '16 YTD (31 Dec '16 to 31 Jan'17) Last 12 Months Last 3 Years Annualized Average Last 5 Years Annualized Average Last 10 Years Annualized Average Last 15 Years Annualized Average

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