Simple asset allocator software for investment managers.

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Asset Allocation Software

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This investment software is not sold separately. It's included when you buy the Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software package

These asset allocation tools are just clever Excel spreadsheets to show what investment portfolios look like currently, and what you want them to look like after your investing recommendations.

It's a great "quick and dirty" way to do something of value for investors who aren't paying much for your financial advice.

This is a quick and easy way to do a Current vs. Proposed asset allocation mix, without having allocation software calculate a guideline mix as a reference to shoot for. In other words, there is no calculation tool for determining a recommended allocation mix based on any client life factor.

It works well if your goal is to have a set mix of asset classes (like 70% bonds / 25% stock / 5% cash portfolio), without having an asset allocator program tell you what your mix should be.

It uses as many asset classes as you want (it comes with 22).

It logically lists investments according to what asset class they're in, and then makes a pie chart to show what the total weightings are.

Just like Morningstar, and most all investment software, it does not produce a recommendation as to how much of various asset classes to hold. It makes no recommendations. You're totally winging it ad hoc as you go.

Nothing is protected so you can change anything you want to.

Investment fact finding is not needed, because it doesn't use any of the client's life factors to calculate anything.

Asset allocation software without a recommended mix calculator.

There are Nine Versions of this Money Management Software:

• No current / One account. This is used when the client brings all cash, and it's all going into one account (and it doesn't matter if it's personal or qualified). The current portfolio would be all cash, so there's no point in showing a current snapshot. You're just showing what the proposed asset allocation mix would look like that you'd recommend.

• Current and Proposed - one account. Used when the client brings one account, with securities in it already. Here you're just showing the current asset allocation and the proposed asset allocation (what you're recommending).

• Current and Proposed - Personal and Qualified: Two, three, four, five, six, and seven accounts. This is used when the client brings more than one account containing securities already. So you're presenting Current and Proposed asset allocation mixes for the accounts individually, and then combined.

To download the demo, right click on the link below, and then choose "Save (Target) As..." to save to your hard drive. Then find it and open with Excel.
Answers to frequently asked demo questions and how to use demos.

Be sure to see the sheet that shows what colors should look like.

Download the No-Guideline Asset Allocation Software "demo"

Stockbrokers: These asset allocation tools work great using individual securities to fund the asset classes.

Life Insurance Agents: These asset allocation tools work great using sub-accounts to fund the asset classes.

Everyone Else: This asset allocation software works great using any, and unlike all other asset allocation software, all investments you like using: Closed-end mutual funds, open-end mutual funds, ETFs, index funds, bank investments (CDs and interest bearing accounts), real estate, stocks, bond, subaccounts, 401(k) investment options, stock options, non-publicly traded securities, etc.

Financial professionals don't need a Finra Series 7 license to manage money using these asset allocation models. A Series 6 is all that's required if you stick to mutual funds.

This investment software is not sold separately. It's included when you buy the Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software package.

How to get around compliance if they don't approve our money management systems

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