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This is the links page 2 of 2. Go to links page 1  of 2 Million Dollar Round Table (847) 692-6378. Represents professionals who are at the top of the commission-based industry. Mutual Fund Education Alliance - Information on the mutual fund industry. Mutual fund manager information site. Government site to help the public understand money. National Association of Active Investment Managers. Engages in activities to promote active investment management. National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Association supporting fee-only financial advisors. Site dedicated to free stock option information and advice. Calculator to see which country may offer the best life for you. National Regulatory Services: All-in-one tool for managing investment advisor compliance. The New York Stock Exchange. A popular custodian that offers Broker Dealers a way to trade. Converts financial planning statements into English so client can understand them. Glossary of real estate investing terms. Big investment firm specializing in benchmark management. U.S. Savings bond information. Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC's page about financial planners. SEC About 529 plans. Securities fraud and investor protection resource center. International investment portal and research center. The Social Security Administration (get a free estimate of your retirement benefits). The Social Security Administration offers their online benefit calculator to anyone now via free online downloading from this page. Their program is called AnyPIA (Primary Insurance Amount) and is better than commercial programs that calculate Social Security benefits. The old asset allocation guy at Stanford University. A site with a list of tax-related sites. Retirement financial calculators for teachers. See custom charts of US GDP growth. Educator's Financial Services - financial plans and services for teachers. Input dollar amount, base year, year later than the base year, and it tells future dollar values based on U.S. CPI (inflation). Wilshire Associates manages market indices, benchmarks, and has various money software.

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