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Table of contents for the Money eBook on investing.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Prologue

Chapter One

Why So Much in the Financial Services Business is a Mystery

Who the Players are in Financial Services Firms

How the Business is Structured

Chapter Two

Where the Money Flows

Chapter Three

Learning About 12 Types of Financial Professionals

All About Financial Planners

What Estate Planning is Really All About

Things to Look for in a Financial Professional

About Advisor Professional Designations and Degrees

About Being a Financial Advisor - For Dummies

Chapter Four

Should You Manage Your Own Investments?

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Financial / Investment Advisor

Why a Little Difference in Return Makes a Big Difference in Your Retirement Income

Chapter Five

Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Professional

Things to Think About If You Want to Manage Your Own Investments

Chapter Six

The Three Ways to Manage Money

Asset Allocation

Which One of the Three Methods of Managing Money Works the Best

Market Timing

Security Selection

Portfolio Optimization

Why Optimizing Is Not Needed and is More Trouble than it's Worth

Chapter Seven

About Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Turnover and Tax Efficiency

About Mutual Fund Share Classes

Why You Should Avoid American Funds

Why You Should Avoid Target Funds & Life Cycle Funds

Chapter Eight

About Investing

All About the Five Different Types of Investment Risk Tolerance Categories

About ETFs

Why ETFs are the "Tail Wagging the Market Dog"

The Current Fad

Why You Should Always Avoid "Crap Bonds" (asset-backed securities)

About Private Money Managers

Why You Shouldn't Invest Proceeds from Home Refinancing

Hedge Fund Tutorial

Dollar Cost Averaging

About Using a Discount Broker to Custody Your Money

About Monte Carlo Simulation Software

Chapter Nine

About Self-managing Your 401(k) / 430(b) and Similar Plans

Sample Asset Allocations for 401(k) Plans

About 529 College Plans and Why You Should Consider Not Using Them

Chapter Ten

More about the Financial Services Industry

About the Life Insurance Industry

What Life is Like Working for Financial Professionals

About the "Seeking Alpha" People

Why There's No Jobs in the Financial Services Industry

Everything You Need to Know About Being a CFP

About the CFA Program and how to Pass the (and other) Exams the First Time

Why this is a "Man's Business"

Chapter Eleven - Summary & Miscellaneous

How to Complain if You've Been Wronged by a Financial Advisor

A Short Primer on Errors and Omissions Insurance

Financial Planning Software Tutorial 101: Most everything you wanted to know about financial planning software with answers to most all questions from A to Z.

About Getting Financial Planning and Investment Software Approved for Use

About Variable Annuities

About Fixed Annuities

How and Why You Should Fire Your BD and Finra to Become Your Own RIA

About (Seminar) Marketing

About 401(k) Marketing

About Morningstar

About Portfolio Management Software

About Portfolio Benchmarking

The Only Actual Analysis of the Optimal Age to Collect Social Security

Apropos Stories about the Biz

The Summer Slowdown, Being Frozen by News, and Basic Life Tips, etc.

Then there's also over a hundred enlightening press articles pasted into Word docx files. On average one every few days is pasted somewhere.

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Investment Policy Statement Software (IPS)

Life Insurance Calculator (AKA Capital Needs Analysis Software)

Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

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Primer Tutorial to Learn the Basics of Financial Planning Software

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Using Asset Allocation to Manage Money

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CRM and Portfolio Management Software

About Monte Carlo Simulators

About Efficient Frontier Portfolio Optimizers

Calculating Your Investment Risk Tolerance

About Discount Brokers for DIY Money Management

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