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Determine Which Financial Spreadsheet Modules You Won't Need in Order to Avoid Duplication Because of Redundancy

The following list of modules are ones that financial advisors can get by without having, or are redundant, when you have other modules

First, here's the list of everything in a Bundled Deal, which is everything on the site:

Fully-Integrated Financial Planner

Both RWR and Dual RWR Retirement Software, with Average Tax Bracket Calculator,

Investment Comparator with Portfolio Benchmarking Tools,

Cash Flow and Family Budgeting Software,

Net Worth Calculator and Projector (Balance Sheet Maker),

All Asset Allocation Software Tools,

Asset Allocation Model,

All Asset Distribution Tools,

One-Time Mutual Fund Picks,

All Fact Finders,

Bond Management Software,

IPS Template,

Template Client Agreement

Marketing Tri-Fold Template,

Selling and Marketing Tools,

College Planning Calculator,

Life Insurance Needs Calculator,

Time Value of Money Financial Plan Calculators,

Financial Planning eBook,

5-Property Real Estate Investing Software,

RP Retirement Planner,

Simple Retirement Planner,

Marketing Financial Seminar

Information on not buying too much financial plan software.

• You definitely want the flagship product: Fully-Integrated Financial Planner. So the IFP should not be on your list of modules to delete to get the price down.

The heart of the IFP is Dual RWR, so once you have it, then there is less need for Dual RWR or RWR.

Here are the differences when you just have the IFP:

You won't be able to use all of the miscellaneous incomes and expense input areas on the Summing & Input sheet with the IFP like you can with either version of RWR. This is because it's not there, and all of that accounting is done in greater detail on the Cash Flow Projector module (with the IFP).

Also on the IFP, these miscellaneous incomes / expenses do not appear at the bottom of the Asset & Misc. Income Summaries sheet. Only Social Security and pensions are shown here (again because all of that was deleted in the Financial Planner.xlsx module). So the Income & Expense - Details sheet is also not there, for the same reason.

If you want to make a financial plan without having to input all of the details in the IFP Cash Flow Projector module, then you can bypass it, using IFP's internally generated income goal inflator.

The manual withdrawal feature on the asset sheets is not there with IFP (like it is on both RWRs). This is also because these cash flows are accounted for on the CFP module of the IFP.

So with just the IFP, you won't be able to just use RWR or Dual RWR to make a mini-financial plan, which does a better job than most competing financial planners quickly all by itself.

So if you want to make small quick plans, then having Dual RWR is a good thing to keep.

• Once you have the Integrated Financial Planner, then there's a little reduced need for the individual Cash Flow and Family Budgeting. However, there is more work involved, so having the CFP is still needed if you're going to do a lot of simple budgets for clients.

• You'd still need the Net Worth Projector even if you have the IFP, because most of the investment growing is done in the Financial Planner.xlsx module. So if you just wanted to do a net worth projection, you wouldn't be able to do that easily with the IFP (you could but it would be more work compared to just having the NWP. You'd have to make assets on all of the Financial Planner.xlsx asset sheets, then tinker with them there).

• You may not need the College Planning Calculator if you have Integrated Financial Planner. It's only a little more input to just use the college planner part of the IFP. So if you don't do a lot of stand-alone college planning, this module can be deleted.

• Once you have the IFP or Dual RWR, then there's little to no advantage in having single RWR, so you can delete that from your list.

• You wouldn't need the RP Retirement Planner or the Simple Retirement Planner unless you like doing retirement plans very quickly and simply. Neither accounts for taxes at all and only uses the Flexible Payout method.

• Most financial advisors don't have much use for the Asset Distribution Tools, because it's basically a way of cheating the asset allocation process to get work done in a hurry. So delete those allocator tools.

• If your clients don't care about the details of their individual bond holdings, then you probably won't need the Bond Management Software.

• If you work only on a commission-only basis and don't charge fees, then the Template Client Contract / Agreement is not going to be of any use to you.

• If you'll never do any marketing one-on-one using a computer, or in groups via a seminar, then you won't need the Marketing Seminar.

• If you don't do any marketing, or if you already have all of the marketing pieces you need, then the Marketing Tri-Fold Template may not be of much use to you.

• If you don't do any marketing, or if you already have all of the marketing pieces you need, then the Marketing Tri-Fold Template may not be of much use to you.

• If you already have "sales" down, then you don't need the Sales Tools.

• If you don't need any of the financial tools on the Time Value of Money Financial Plan Calculators module then you can get by without it. You should take a look to make sure first as it's only a few bucks more.

• If you're not going to be comparing the different methods of investing, or making cash value life vs. term and invest the difference comparisons, then you won't need the Investment Comparator.

• If you'll never need to analyze rental real estate properties, then you won't need the Real Estate Investing Software.

That's about all that can be said about the differences and redundancies.

Send e-mail with a list of the modules you don't need to get a lower price quote on a Bundled Deal.

Financial Planning Software Modules For Sale
(are listed below)

Financial Planning Software that's Fully-Integrated
(the IFP is the NaviPlan alternative for 1/6th the price)

Goals-Only "Financial Planning Software"
(the MoneyGuidePro alternative for 1% of their price)

Retirement Planning Software Menu: Something for Everyone
(the RWRs, RP, and SRP)

Comprehensive Asset Allocation Software

Model Portfolio Allocations with Historical Returns

Monthly-updated ETF and Mutual Fund Picks

DIY Investment Portfolio Benchmarking Program

Financial Planning Fact Finders for Financial Planners Gathering Data from Clients

Investment Policy Statement Software (IPS)

Life Insurance Calculator (AKA Capital Needs Analysis Software)

Bond Calculators for Duration, Convexity, YTM, Accretion, and Amortization

Investment Software for Comparing the 27 Most Popular Methods of Investing

Rental Real Estate Investing Software

Net Worth Calculator (Balance Sheet Maker) and 75-year Net Worth Projector

College Savings Calculator

Financial Seminar Covering Retirement Planning and Investment Management

Sales Tools for Financial Adviser Marketing

Personal Budget Software and 75-year Cash Flow Projector

TVM Financial Tools and Financial Calculators

Our Unique Financial Services
(are listed below)

We're Fee-only Money Managers: So you can hire us to manage your money, and/or financial advisers can hire us to manage client money, using our Model Portfolios and/or Asset Allocation Systems

Mr. Market Timer's Unique Market-neutral Stock Market Timing Services
(the hedge fund alternative)

Consulting Services: Hire Us to Make Your Financial Plan, Retirement Plan, Benchmarking Report, Whatever

Buy or Sell a Financial Planning Practice

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