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Orders are usually processed the same day on weekdays, usually by 7PM Mountain Time. Although if we're out of town, it could be a few days. It averages around two hours (and four on weekends and holidays).

If you don't get anything, please check your spam folder. If it's there, then please unblock (check - Not Spam / Not Junk / Don't Block Sender and/or Sender's Domain) on both of these e-mail addresses: and

The Normal Sequence of Events Are:

The bank's software will generate an e-mail receipt to us both saying there's a new order (it will say Purchase Confirmation in the Subject field). There's no products attached, it's just a receipt. There will be transaction number, but we don't save or use them for anything.

Then we'll put you into the database and the files will be e-mailed to you. Please make sure you have enough free email space as some of the bundles are very large.

Please note that calling or sending "where's my program" e-mails won't speed up processing.

But if it seems like too much time has went by for delivery (more than two days), check your spam folder. If there's nothing there, then Send e-mail with your phone number. The phone number is needed because the problem is probably with the e-mail address you used, so replying to that will probably go nowhere as well.

It also will help if you include an e-mail address from a Outlook, GMail, Yahoo, or other main ISP, as those usually always work.

E-mail servers from Broker Dealers will usually always have a delay, because they want to read your e-mails before passing them on to you.


(503) 309-1369.
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